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Continuing Education Programs
BONENT 2014 Northeast Regional Seminar

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar
northeast seminar
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

The Northeast BONENT Regional Education Seminar was held on Sunday, May 4th in Newark, NJ. It started with a presentation on the "Politics of Dialysis" by Dr. Tom McCune, which was an interesting look at large dialysis organization (LDO) versus small dialysis organizations (SDO). Because of the interest, we are going to try to continue to have speakers on the future of dialysis.

There were presentations on what is new in the dialysis world, access, nocturnal in-center HD, and more. See more details in the presentations section below.

President's Award Presented

John Larsen, CHT of Terre Haute IN was given the President's Award by BONENT President RJ Picciano (photo top left), for his tireless efforts working on the Continuing Education Programs Committee over the past year.

Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar
David Rush Inspired Us All to Change the World

The highlight of the day was David Rush, hip-hop artist, turned dialysis patient, turned transplant patient. His testimony and message were uplifting as everyone was starting to fade a little in the late afternoon. His story about losing his dream to be a pro football player because of developing CKD and trying to get a career as a hip-hop artist going while being on dialysis and how his brother donated a kidney so he could be transplanted was inspiring.

His message was that every dialysis patient deserves to decide which option for treating their CKD works best for them and each and every dialysis staff member can "change the world" for their patients by educating them on modality options. He was brought to us by our friends at NXStage.

Presentations Overview

Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

Politics in the Dialysis Unit
We discussed how ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status affect patient care and how the type of vascular access obtained and referral to a transplant center is affected by ethnicity.
Thomas McCune, R Col., US Army
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

Forging Ahead
Attendees participated in a discussion of the current CMS ESRD Contract, USRDS and NHSN data characterizing the NW3 area and some of the NW3 quality improvement projects implemented by the Network to address areas in need of improvement. You will also participate in a questionnaire about QIP.
Karen Ripkey, RN, CNN
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Quality Insights Renal Network 3
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

Benefits of In-Center Nocturnal Hemodialysis
The presentation explored the benefits of in center nocturnal hemodialysis both for the patient and the host clinic. 8 cases were discussed. Included were pre nocturnal and post nocturnal lab results, clinical outcomes, and noted changes by the patients themselves.
Diana Shelkov, CHT
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

A Unique Vascular Access Solution to Decrease Catheters and Rescue Failing Fistulas and Grafts
The HeRO Graft is indicated for use for patients who have central venous stenosis. It is FDA approved as a graft.
Todd Trego
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

HHD from the Patient Perspective
Attendees heard the patient side of dialysis, his choices and benefits of doing home therapy.
David Rush, Kidney Transplant Recipient
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

The Use of Allografts for Hemodialysis Access
Attendees learned about the use of cryopreserved human tissue to preserve AVG sites.
Todd Trego
Bonent Northeast Regional Seminar

Introduction to Home Dialysis With the Patient Experience
Those present learned clinical information regarding the therapy and equipment of home dialysis.
Kim Davis
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