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Continuing Education Programs
BONENT 2017 Western Regional Seminar
Sunday, May 7, 2017
Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova
11211 Point East Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
margin Western Regional Seminar
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BONENT Seminar photo BONENT Seminar photo
BONENT Seminar photo BONENT Seminar photo
Presentations Overview
Bonent Regional Seminar
The Art of Access Management: Cannulation, a "Sticky" Situation

This presentation will look at the importance of routinely managing vascular access in a way that minimizes damage and prolongs the life of the access. A review of simple changes to cannulation practice will be reviewed utilizing the KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Lynda Ball, MSN, RN, CNN
Quality Director, Network 13

Bonent Regional Seminar
New Technologies

Will review how new technology can be utilized to gain a better understanding as to why dialysis patients may or may not be tolerating their treatments.
Lori Poole, RN, MSN
Sr. Manager, Clinical Operations, Intelomed, Inc.

Bonent Regional Seminar
Challenging Situations: CMS Expectations, Involuntary Discharges

This session will review CMS expectations around dealing with challenging patient situations, federal regulations around involuntary discharges, the use of behavioral contracts, impact of staff actions and inactions that may place patients at risk for involuntary discharges, and recommendations.
Riquelen Ngumezi, MSW, LCSW
Patient Services Manager, Health Services Advisory Group: ESRD Network 17

Bonent Regional Seminar
Empathy and Its Impact on Patient Care

Participants will have a better understanding of empathy. They will also understand how empathy has an impact on working with dialysis patients.
Kathy Merritt, LCSW
Social Work Services Manager, Satellite HealthCare

Bonent Regional Seminar
End Organ Stunning

Describe the unseen damage to hearts and brains on dialysis
Anne Diroll, RN, CNN, CLNC
Per Diem RN/Anemia Manager, FMC

Bonent Regional Seminar
HeRO, SuperHeRO and PD Catheters

Review the features and benefits of the HeRO Graft, the new SUPER HERO option as well as a discussion on choosing the correct PD catheter for your patient.
Deirdre Fitzroy

Bonent Regional Seminar
The Salt Talk

This presentation will look at the importance of sodium and the impact it has on fluid management. Physiology of fluid movement will be discussed.
Lynda Ball, MSN, RN, CNN
Quality Director, Network 13


Biomedical Session

Bonent Western Regional Seminar
Infection Control for the Bio Medical Technician

Bio Medical Technicians are exposed to a variety of pathogens when working on equipment in a hemodialysis unit. This presentation will help biomedical technicians understand the risks of pathogenic exposure and the precautionary measures should they be using when working on dialysis equipment.
Dennis Schell, CHT, CHBT, OCDT
Acute Dialysis Technician, Fresenius

New! Separate BioMed Session
Bonent Western Regional Seminar
Basic NxStage Home Presentation

Brief overview of home hemodialysis trends, with an introduction to the NxStage System One. It will cover components of the cycler, pureflow, and the express warmer system as related to the CHT/Biomed role.
Richard M. Cabrera, LVN
Clinical Consultant, NxStage Medical Inc.

Bonent Western Regional Seminar
Is Bio-Med the Field for You?

Glenn Ralleca, BSME, USAF
Nephrology Biomedical Consultant, Hemodialysis Group

Bonent Western Regional Seminar
Bonent Regional Seminar
Bonent Regional Seminar
Quality Assurance for the Bio-Med

Discusses the importance of quality care for the patient starting with the water treatment and the machine
William G. Macias, CHT
Technical Operations Manager, Satellite Healthcare
Emily Michalak, BS
Director of Technical Services, Satellite Healthcare

Bonent Western Regional Seminar
Practical Considerations in Water Treatments for Dialysis

Focus on servicing water treatment through examples of past experience combined with a hands-on show and tell of various medias and commonly seen components up close.
Brian Kim, CH
President & Owner, Med-Tech Water Systems Inc.

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